Manufacture and sale of Tane-koji(seed koji). Cultivation and production of special koji and microorganisms for brewing

The Future pioneerred by koji mold


  • The Future pioneered by koji mold

    Bio'c is a company which mainly engaged in research koji mold and technology of it.
    We have our roots in "Kojiya Sanzaemon" established in 14th century
    and keep working on for the future by our further research.

    Our mission is "to create great power by utilizing tiny microorganisms".
    Through using our technology to expand the possibilities of koji,
    we will expand the possibilities of food, people, society, and the earth.

    The company creates exciting future with you and koji, is Bio'c co., ltd.

Product List

Development of Koji materials

We, Bio’c can develop koji by processing your materials, not to mention rice, soybeans, wheat, and other grains that have traditionally used as koji.
Today, various value standards are being created, koji processing can be used to create high value-added products or The reuse of materials.

Research Achievements

Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name Bio’c Co., Ltd.
Address 111-1, Uchida, Murocho, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi, JAPAN, 441-8087
Phone No. (0532)31-9204(0532)31-9204
Representative President and Representative Director Yuichiro Murai Message from Yuichiro Murai
Establishment April 1992
Capital 100 million yen
Fiscal term June
Annual sales 500 million yen
Number of employees 27 persons (Persons with degrees: 3 doctors, 5 masters)
Business description
  • ・Manufacture and Sales of Tane-koji(seed koji), yeast, lactic acid bacteria
  • ・Manufacturing and sales of health foods
  • ・Manufacturing and sales of other products used microorganisms
1992 Company established by transfer of business from Kojiya Sanzaemon Co.,l, Ltd.
1993 Property for Factory No.2 was obtained
1994 Received Toyohashi Science Technology Award from Toyohashi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
*Propagation of Tane-koji(seed koji) by the cell fusion method and application research
1995 Construction and operation of Factory No.2
1996 Obtained license for liquor brewing
*First time for a non-liquor manufacturer
Installation of a biotope in the factory
1997 Property for an experimental field is obtained.
1998 Masaru Yamashita, Professor Emeritus at Meijo University is appointed to the post of Engineering Advisor
2001 Capital increased to 100 million yen
2003 New headquarters building (headquarters factory / office building) is constructed
Privately-placed bonds (100 million yen) are issued
2007 Received Japan Soy Sauce Technology Award (Department of Research / Development) by Japan Soy Sauce Association / Japan Soy Sauce Technology Center
*Jointly awarded to Mr. Noriyuki Kitamoto and Shoko Yasuda (Yoshino) (Center for Industry and Science Technology) for “Function Analysis of Koji Mold Polysaccharase in Soy Sauce Brewing”
2008 Obtained KOSHER certification
2013 Automated koji making equipment is introduced / Expansion construction for Factory No. 2 begins
2014 Soichiro Murai is appointed to the post of Chairman and Representative Director
Yuichiro Murai is appointed to the post of President and Representative Director
2015 Received Filamentous Fungus Gene Research Society Technology Award from the Filamentous Fungus Gene Research Society
*Yutaka Wagu “Functional Analysis and Application of Soy Sauce Koji Mold used Genome Information”
2021 Toyohashi Eejana Yana HACCP certification
Renovated the clean room
2022 Obtained FSSC22000 certification
Awarded the Japan Brewers Association Technology Prize by the Japan Brewers Association
"Effect of the koji variety of Aspergillus species on the flavor formation of imo-shochu" Yohei Shiraishi and Yutaka Wagu.

Company Profile

Kojiya Sanzaemon was the operating business for “Fudasashi Gyo (exchange rice for money) in Kyoto 600 years ago. The company also produced and sold rice koji using the rice it received.

Tane-koji(seed koji) production is said to have been developed as a method to produce fine koji. This company is attributed with discovering the use of ash as previously described, although unfortunately, there are no records of this. However, there is a description of Kojiya Sanzaemon purchasing ash from an exclusive manufacturer for 19 generations. Hence, the fact that Kojiya Sanzaemon manufactured not only rice koji, but also produced Tane-koji(seed koji), likely seems true.

At first, Tane-koji(seed koji) was produced for use in their own household, and distributed to neighbors and relatives for free. But as demand for Tane-koji(seed koji) increased and the development of “hikyaku (express messengers),” distribution extended to Mikawa in the east and Nada in the west.

Name Kojiya Sanzaemon Co., Ltd.
Address 111-1 Uchida Muromachi, Toyohashi-shi, 441-8087
Phone No. 0532-31-92100532-31-9210
Representative President and Representative Director Yuichiro Murai Message from Yuichiro Murai
Establishment April 1965 (established in the Muromachi Era(1336-1573) )
Capital 50 million yen
Annual sales 200 million yen
Muromachi Era Establsihed in Kyoto (Approx. 600 years ago, traditionally 1394)
1952 Awarded by Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the oldest shop within the prefectural industry department
1964 Ranked Yokozuna (champion) among ancient Kyoto established industries, hosted by The Kyoto Shimbun Co.,Ltd.
1965 Separated from Toyozo Murai (third son of the head house in Kyoto), previous president and established independent new company in Toyohashi
1970 Received transfer of trademark rights due to closing of business in Kyoto (head house).
(Toyozu Murai becomes the 27th head of the family)
1971 Construction of a new factory on the existing site
1980 Completed the First Phase Clean Factory
1985 Construction of Perfect Clean Factory began
1987 Transfer of president to chairman and managing director to president
Soichiro Murai is appointed to the post of President and Representative Director
1990 Achieved four crowns in the Tane-koji(seed koji) industry
(For sake, miso, soy sauce, and shochu)
1991 Chairman and Representative Director Toyozo Murai retires, appointed to the post of Honorary President
(Murai Soichiro becomes the 28th head of the family)
1995 Honorary President Toyozo Murai receives Special Society Award
2007 Soichiro Murai became a top advisor, and inherits the name Murai Sanzaemon
Yuichito Murai is appointed to the post of Representative Director
2016 Yuichiro Murai becomes the 29th head of the family.

Greetings from the Representative Director

President and Representative Director Yuichiro Murai

President and Representative Director YuichiroMurai

Brief personal history

We at Bioc have long been involved with koji mold and other microorganisms through the field of brewing, with our roots in "Kojiya Sanzaemon," which was founded in the Muromachi period(14th century). The innovations in koji technology that we have accumulated are now expanding the possibilities of koji not only in the brewing field but also in many other fields, especially in the food industry.

Currently, we are brushing up our skills based on tradition, aiming to become an even more reliable company, and continuing to take on new and innovative challenges every day.

We hope to continue to expand the possibilities of koji mold and society by making full use of technology created through the accumulation of tradition and daily innovation.

We believe in the infinite possibilities of koji mold. We will contribute to society through koji mold while having fun and struggling together with you to expand these possibilities.


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